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Car Accident Physiotherapy

Experiencing pain or discomfort after a car accident is normal and while it can cause stress in a lot of people, getting the right treatment you need is the best step to take in order to properly recover from your injuries.


After an injury, the majority of people recover successfully with the help of physiotherapy at our clinic in Mississauga. During your session with us, the physiotherapist will carefully assess your condition and work with you to develop a proper treatment plan.

What Is Car Accident Physiotherapy In Mississauga?

A person who is injured in an automobile accident may suffer from a variety of various conditions and injuries. The most severe injuries from a vehicle accident are often those to the head and back. Concussions, skull fractures, and visual issues may all result from head trauma. You may have headaches and dizziness after a concussion as well.


Another ailment that may be very painful and limit mobility is whiplash. Whiplash may result from sudden movements of the neck and head after an automobile collision. Chest injuries, neck injuries, and herniated discs are also frequent.


If you experience any car accident injuries getting the proper treatment is extremely important to ensure you recover properly. The best course of action is to see a physiotherapist at Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic in Mississauga in order to recover more rapidly.

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Mila Qahar
Mila Qahar
The best clinic to get your custom orthotics! I’m a nurse and work countless hours on my feet and I’ve been wearing the orthotics from this location for a good while now and they make all the difference.
Paula G-R.
Paula G-R.
Very happy that I found this clinic… They are my go-to for any of my sons injuries… The doctors and physiotherapist are fantastic. Great location overall.
Marlene Bain
Marlene Bain
I’ve had shoulder pain since a car accident I experienced a few years ago and I had gone to physio for a while until I decided to stop my treatment. Recently I had been noticing that my shoulder is getting worse again so I decided to go to this clinic for some help. I am really glad I did. The physio services they offer were better than any i’ve had before and they actually provided me with the exercises to do on my own so I can keep working on the recovery of my shoulder at home. Overall im really happy and would recommend this clinic to anyone in the area.
Elyse Adams
Elyse Adams
“I went in for a consultation to this clinic since I needed help with a few issues. I really appreciated that they customized each therapy to my needs and I was really impressed by this. It’s been great so far and I’m looking forward to my next appointment!”
Omar Aboud
Omar Aboud
Great clinic. They were very responsive to my needs and the staff are professional.
Paulo S.
Paulo S.
I can’t speak highly enough about this clinic. I sustained some injuries while participating in my favorite sports and with their help they have been alleviated thanks to their therapy treatments. Once again, many thanks.
Nick Atkins
Nick Atkins
I experienced a car accident injury about 4.5 months ago and finally have healed from it but I have remaining pain in that area. I went to this clinic looking for help with rehabilitation and I’m really happy with the service I received. Would recommend them.
Kyle Lorenzen
Kyle Lorenzen
I go to this clinic regularly for massage therapy and I always leave the clinic feeling refreshed. I sit constantly at work so I experience a lot of back pain but with their help I finally feel relief from the pain I was experiencing before- totally worth it.
Anette Leger
Anette Leger
My Chiropractic treatment was excellent. Every one was effective, professional and super friendly. I can already feel a difference in my posture and it gets better everyday- very happy

What Can A Car Accident Physiotherapist Help With?

Physiotherapists’ job during this trying period is to help you get well by reducing your pain and assisting you in getting back to your regular routine. Although the rehabilitation process is not simple and will undoubtedly be difficult, it will be well worth it in the end. Our experts in Mississauga will do everything in their power to make your sessions as pleasant as possible for you.

How Can Physiotherapy Be Of Assistance To Car Accident Victims?

Most significantly, physiotherapy offers a host of advantages that let you avoid more traditional therapies like surgery. An accident or automobile accidents may cause the body to become sore and unpleasant. Regardless of the sort of damage, the individual is likely to experience pain in various bodily locations. Physiotherapy aids in recovery by restoring the body to normal function. Physical therapy in Mississauga also helps you become more flexible and strong while also reducing discomfort. Even while surgery may not be needed right now, it may become necessary in the future. Physiotherapy helps you avoid surgery and stops long-term bodily harm.

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Benefits Of Car Accident Physiotherapy In Mississauga

Following a car accident, physiotherapy has the following specific advantages:

Therapy Lessens Vertigo And Lightheadedness

Vertigo brought on by a vehicle accident may also be treated by physiotherapists. They may correct a vestibular system malfunction in as little as one treatment.

Reduce Discomfort Or Pain

The obvious advantage of physical therapy is that it helps to relieve tension and discomfort. Every stretch and exercise regimen a physiotherapist recommends has a clear rehabilitation objective and enhances mobility and function.

It May Reestablish Movement And Function

Even when you were injured years ago, physiotherapy will still be helpful to you. Physiotherapists may use cardiovascular rehabilitation and strength training techniques to reduce chronic pain and increase mobility.

Tailored Treatments

For your automobile accident injuries, our physiotherapist in Mississauga will create a specific therapy plan according to your needs. Treatment options for injuries sustained in a car collision include massage therapy, manual therapy, ultrasound, ice and cold treatment, individual exercises, focused massage, stretching, and aquatic therapy.

What Are The Advantages That Will Come From Undergoing Post-Operative Physical Therapy In Mississauga?

Physiotherapy should begin as soon as possible following surgery, preferably while the patient is still in the hospital. However, you should keep doing it even after you leave the hospital since doing so can assist you in making a speedier recovery from your illness.


Your physiotherapist will likely recommend that you carry out a series of targeted exercises in order to regain your flexibility and mobility. In addition to this, it assists in the improvement of circulatory and respiratory issues. It gives you relief from the discomfort as well as strengthening the muscles that are weak. Pain is caused by stiffness in the muscles; physiotherapy exercises stretch the muscles and alleviate the stiffness that they generate. In addition to this, it facilitates your return to the activities of everyday living that you were doing before surgery.

How Can A Personalized Physical Therapy Session Help With A Speedier Recovery In Mississauga?

Even if your pain or discomfort appears to be under control, it does not always guarantee that you will be able to resume the same healthy lifestyle that you had before undergoing the procedure or before experiencing your injury.


A specialized kind of physiotherapy known as rehabilitation physiotherapy Mississauga is provided to patients who have just had orthopedic operations or have suffered an injury. That said, in order for patients to have more favorable outcomes after surgery, surgical practitioners often recommend that patients undergo physiotherapy treatment. With the help of the tailored treatment program that your Mississauga experts develop for you, patients can go back to their regular routines as well as have a speedier recovery.

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Signs You Should Look Out For After A Car Accident

After a vehicle accident, one should obtain a medical or physical therapy evaluation as soon as possible. Whether a person has fractured a bone or suffered a shattered bone, medical personnel will be able to recognize the damage they have sustained. That said, the following are some signs to look out for:

Whiplash Symptoms

While the majority of injuries have immediately recognisable symptoms, whiplash, meanwhile, can not necessarily manifest symptoms right away after an accident. For that reason it is extremely important to look out for signs of persistent headaches or migraines, which point to an injury. 

Restricted Mobility

Long-lasting weariness and giddiness, tingling in the upper body, restricted neck mobility, and persistent discomfort in the head, neck, or shoulders are signs of a bigger issue that might lead to other problems down the road. Consult a medical expert as soon as possible if you have had any of the aforementioned symptoms and are an accident victim. 
We provide a wide range of treatments for auto accidents, including rehabilitation. We provide physiotherapy, which may treat any kind of damage to your musculoskeletal system. Usually, the neck, back, and other areas are included. We also provide physiotherapy, which includes manual manipulation, therapeutic exercises, soft tissue treatment, and instruction to the patient on how to avoid future injuries.

What Happens During A Physiotherapy Session In Mississauga?

The first thing a physiotherapist will do is look for warning signs to make sure there aren’t any major injuries that would need emergency medical treatment. Thankfully, these injuries do not happen often.

We will next provide a thorough evaluation of the pain areas you are experiencing. We will then provide you a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual requirements.

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How Can You Maximize Your Treatment Session In Mississauga?

As much as you can, maintain an optimistic outlook and an open mind during your appointment. We want you to approach your time in physiotherapy with a will to overcome your ailment. There will, however, inevitably be unpleasant days, and that is perfectly normal. Just remember that physical therapists are on your side, we are all striving for the same thing, and things can only get better from here.

Be Open And Honest With Us

We’d want to hear how you’re handling the workouts. Knowing this enables us to create a treatment strategy that suits you and progresses at your speed.

Follow All Of Your Treatments

It is crucial that you do the exercises with diligence. You will only get well if you follow your workout therapy plan. Certain days may undoubtedly be challenging, but it’s important to remember that your physio plan will help you in the long-run.

Tell Us About Your Experience

Last but not least, we want to know how you are handling everything. In addition to helping you with your symptoms, we are here to provide you the support you need.

Find Out How Our Car Accident Physiotherapy Programs In Mississauga Can Help You

Even if your automobile accident occurred a long time ago, physiotherapy may assist in reducing the amount of issues you could have in the future. At Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic, we’ve assisted several patients in recovering from automobile accident injuries, and we can help you too.


Don’t wait any longer if you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident and are seeking a physiotherapist in Mississauga; give us a call or fill out a contact form to get started!

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