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Geriatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has evolved into a number of subspecialties over the years, one of which is known as geriatric physiotherapy. This subspecialty focuses on treating conditions that are unique to older people. Our geriatric physiotherapy sessions in Mississauga are available to assist older patients in carrying out fundamental activities of daily living and leading independent lives.

What Is Geriatric Physiotherapy?

Geriatric physiotherapy refers to the treatment of a wide variety of conditions that affect individuals as they go from the age of a typical adult to that of an elderly person, with the primary emphasis being placed on the physiological challenges that are unique to this demographic. As individuals become older, they are more likely to be diagnosed with a variety of illnesses, some of which include incontinence, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, balance issues, cancer, osteoporosis, hip and joint replacements, and osteoporosis. That said, these are only some of the diseases and conditions that may be affected by aging.

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Mila Qahar
Mila Qahar
The best clinic to get your custom orthotics! I’m a nurse and work countless hours on my feet and I’ve been wearing the orthotics from this location for a good while now and they make all the difference.
Paula G-R.
Paula G-R.
Very happy that I found this clinic… They are my go-to for any of my sons injuries… The doctors and physiotherapist are fantastic. Great location overall.
Marlene Bain
Marlene Bain
I’ve had shoulder pain since a car accident I experienced a few years ago and I had gone to physio for a while until I decided to stop my treatment. Recently I had been noticing that my shoulder is getting worse again so I decided to go to this clinic for some help. I am really glad I did. The physio services they offer were better than any i’ve had before and they actually provided me with the exercises to do on my own so I can keep working on the recovery of my shoulder at home. Overall im really happy and would recommend this clinic to anyone in the area.
Elyse Adams
Elyse Adams
“I went in for a consultation to this clinic since I needed help with a few issues. I really appreciated that they customized each therapy to my needs and I was really impressed by this. It’s been great so far and I’m looking forward to my next appointment!”
Omar Aboud
Omar Aboud
Great clinic. They were very responsive to my needs and the staff are professional.
Paulo S.
Paulo S.
I can’t speak highly enough about this clinic. I sustained some injuries while participating in my favorite sports and with their help they have been alleviated thanks to their therapy treatments. Once again, many thanks.
Nick Atkins
Nick Atkins
I experienced a car accident injury about 4.5 months ago and finally have healed from it but I have remaining pain in that area. I went to this clinic looking for help with rehabilitation and I’m really happy with the service I received. Would recommend them.
Kyle Lorenzen
Kyle Lorenzen
I go to this clinic regularly for massage therapy and I always leave the clinic feeling refreshed. I sit constantly at work so I experience a lot of back pain but with their help I finally feel relief from the pain I was experiencing before- totally worth it.
Anette Leger
Anette Leger
My Chiropractic treatment was excellent. Every one was effective, professional and super friendly. I can already feel a difference in my posture and it gets better everyday- very happy

What Can Geriatric Physiotherapy Help With?

Geriatric physiotherapy addresses a broad variety of problems that might arise for individuals as a natural part of the aging process, although its primary target population is often older adults. As individuals become older, they are more likely to develop a variety of health problems, some of which include, but are not limited to the following:

Those who are afflicted by such issues may get assistance from our geriatric physiotherapy in Mississauga, which involves the development of a tailored program to help recover mobility, boost fitness levels, and more.

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Conditions Treated With Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatric illnesses often consist of musculoskeletal issues, mental illness, incontinence, and diminished senses, as well as difficulties with balance, chronic pain, and lack of sleep. The symptoms of each of these conditions can be alleviated or brought under control thanks to the physiotherapy treatments we offer in Mississauga. The following are common conditions that can be treated with this form of treatment:

Joint Pain

Joints are structures found throughout the body that are responsible for connecting bones, bearing weight, and providing support during movement. Injuries, inflammation of the lining of the joint, hemarthrosis, arthritis, sexually transmitted diseases, and gout are the most common causes of joint pain. If the joint discomfort is not addressed for an extended period of time, it may cause mobility restrictions and lead to a state of weakness or instability that makes it difficult to engage in typical activities.


It has been shown that geriatric physiotherapy is the most effective treatment for helping to decrease joint discomfort and improving joint stability.

Postural Instability

A condition known as postural instability is one in which a person is unable to keep himself in an upright posture. To put it another way, the inability to maintain an upright posture is caused by an imbalance as well as a lack of reflexes.


Patients with postural instability might benefit from geriatric physiotherapy treatments including balancing exercises, which can improve their condition and help them return to their normal state.

Balance Impairment

Loss of normal muscle and bone function is what causes older people to have difficulty maintaining their balance. Arthritis and low blood pressure while standing are the most typical causes of this condition. Other things that may contribute to an impaired sense of balance include tingling or numbness in the feet and legs, difficulties with the eyes or blood circulation, and the use of several medications. Balance training is a component of the treatment plan for geriatric physiotherapy, which aims to enhance the functioning of the muscles and bones.

Generalized Weakness

After a certain age, practically everyone has some degree of generalized weakness, which is one of the most prevalent health problems. One of the factors that contributes to this is the degenerative changes that occur naturally with advancing age. These changes may result in decreased muscle tone, stiff joints, and other symptoms. This is made much more difficult by the existence of additional chronic illnesses, such as neurological disorders, endocrine problems, and musculoskeletal problems, which all exacerbate the situation.


Flu, thyroid illness, anemia, depression, lack of sleep, undetected diabetes, congestive heart failure, and the adverse effects of medicine are some of the most prevalent reasons for widespread weakness. The patients’ quality of life is improved as a direct result of their participation in geriatric physiotherapy, which assists in the restoration of lost physical strength and stability.

How Can Our Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic In Mississauga Help With Geriatric Care?

Our experts at Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic in Mississauga specialize in geriatric services that use a comprehensive geriatric assessment to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate aging adults living with frailty with complex and multiple medical and functional issues.


The pain that an elderly person goes through as a result of tripping and falling may be substantially greater than the pain that a younger person goes through after experiencing the same kind of accident. It is possible that they will have trouble getting back up, particularly if they are alone themselves. For that reason, these treatments are extremely helpful not only in treating these conditions but also preventing it from happening in the first place.

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Treatments We Provide In Mississauga

Manual treatment, exercise, and education are the three primary components that make up the bulk of geriatric physiotherapy in most cases. The following are some of the treatments we offer in Mississauga:

Hands-On Treatment

Hands-on treatment is administered to patients in an effort to alleviate the patient’s discomfort, restore the patient’s movement, and improve the patient’s circulation.


Massage and other kinds of joint and muscle manipulation are examples of common forms of manual treatment.


Every therapy strategy for elderly patients should include regular physical activity. In order to assist our patients in enhancing their muscular strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and physical endurance, one of our highly-trained physiotherapists in Mississauga will provide each patient with a set of individualized exercises that are designed specifically for their requirements. Patients may benefit from exercise in a number of ways, including a reduction in their risk of falling and an increase in their general mobility. Walking, stretching, mild weight lifting, and lifting lighter loads in water are all examples of common forms of exercise for seniors.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a clinical approach utilizing skilled, specific hands-on techniques, including but not limited to manipulation and mobilization, used by the physical therapist to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures for the purpose of modulating pain, increasing range of motion, reducing or eliminating soft tissue inflammation, inducing relaxation, improving contractile and noncontractile tissue repair, extensibility, and range of motion, and promoting healing.


Manual therapy is most often used with the objective of enhancing a patient’s range of motion, which the patient may have lost as a result of an accident or lack of usage, ultimately leading to an improvement in the patient’s mobility. In addition to alleviating pain, this kind of treatment may also help improve circulation. Massage treatment is only one kind of manual therapy. Other forms of manual therapy include manipulating a person’s joints and muscles.

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