Driving Anxiety

Driving anxiety or fear of driving can affect all aspects of someone’s life from personal to professional. In order to overcome this type of anxiety, a lot of work and courage is needed, but it will be well worth it in the end. 

The Driver Rehab Program at Dun Dix

Most people suffer from feelings that can be severe and overwhelming which leads to a great amount of stress. In most cases, these feelings don’t go away and get drastically worse overtime. 

This condition can be caused by an experience or negative thoughts from other factors that have affected your driving overtime. 

At Dun Dix Healthcare, we offer various treatment plans and options to help you manage the anxiety and work towards managing your feelings long-term.

Common Conditions We Treat:

As driving anxiety can be caused by many different factors and is not necessarily easy to identify, here are some of the common conditions that we treat:


If you’re experiencing a condition that is not listed, please contact us today and we would be happy to give more information regarding how we can help.

Dun-Dix Healthcare Assessment

At Dun Dix Healthcare we understand that many factors play a role in your mental state. 

This is why we take time to assess every aspect carefully during our assessment in order to conduct a personalized treatment plan customized for you. 


Effective Treatment Plans

At Dun Dix we use our extensive tools and methods to deliver an effective treatment plan that is created to help guide your recovery from driving anxiety. 

We’ve listed some of the many treatment plans that we have available:


The Road to Recovery

Overcoming driving anxiety can be extremely difficult for most people as these types of feelings are hard to diagnose and treat on your own. 

Driving anxiety can come from various different conditions that may be hard to identify. With the help of our experienced team at Dun Dix Healthcare we will help you treat your condition through assessments and our Driver Rehab Program. 

Get in touch with us today to talk about your options.  



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