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Are you looking for a professional medical health assessment? At Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic we are pleased to offer a wide range of medical assessments and services to individuals and businesses to provide a full assessment report. 

Our Medical Assessments Specialists

Our specialists are highly qualified to assess your medical condition(s) at-hand and produce an extensive medical report. As a leading healthcare clinic, we truly understand the importance of receiving accurate third party medical assessments. 

To ensure that all of our medical assessments are up to standards, our experts are trained on a recurring basis to provide the most comprehensive service possible. 

We have also tailored our assessors to ensure that we provide the most accurate reports towards your specific medical condition.


The Dun-Dix Assessment

Medical assessments are generally requested by an employer or individual that is needing additional information regarding your health. 

In most cases, these assessments are needed by your employer to ensure that you are following company guidelines. 

Our Process

These types of assessments are normally performed to identify issues that may affect an individual’s work ability or conflict with the employer’s policies short or long-term.If you’ve been requested to provide a medical assessment you can expect the following:


Medical Assessments & Services

At Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic we understand the importance of having consistent, reliable and comprehensive medical assessment reports for our clients. We our proud to offer a variety of medical assessments and services for our clients which are listed here. 

If the medical assessment or service you’re inquiring about is not listed on this page please feel free to reach out to us today and one of our medical specialists would be happy to provide additional information on the services that we offer.



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