Psychological Assessments & Evaluation

Are you looking for accurate and unbiased Psychological Assessments and Evaluations? We understand that your individual psychological needs are different from others which is why we created our psychological assessments and evaluations to target your condition specifically. We use the results from these assessments to make the proper decision for your treatment plan. 

Psychological Assessments Treatment Plan Aspects

As our treatments are created specifically for your case, our experienced psychologist will create a custom and effective psychological treatment plan from your assessment diagnosis. 

The Dun-Dix Assessment

One of the initial steps during our assessments and evaluations is to identify all of the current issues that you may be experiencing. 

During this process, we will make a diagnosis based on your symptoms, mental health, physical health and the general problems you’ve been facing,.


Psychological Treatments

Our assessments and evaluations are created by our certified and experienced psychologist who uses specific tools and observational methods to accurately evaluate your health and promote long-term health for the future. 


Four Components of the Psychological Assessment

As part of our Psychological Assessment we have included four major components that will play a role during your testing.  

Benefits of Psychological Assessments at Dun Dix Healthcare

At Dun Dix Healthcare Clinic our Psychologist uses innovative and effective assessment methods to create treatment plans that are targeted based on your results from the evaluation in order to help benefit your recovery long-term. 

Our goal is to accurately evaluate your assessment and give a diagnosis that will help create a proper treatment plan for you to have a successful recovery. 

Throughout the years of using our unique approach and method we have been able to create successful and long-term recovery plans for our patients. To learn more about our Psychological Assessments and Treatment Plans, Contact Us today.



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