What Is A Supportive Shoulder Brace?

This wearable device has a unique material that is used to compress your muscle tissue to prevent swelling during the healing process. 

At our clinic, we highly recommend using a supportive shoulder brace in order to achieve ultimate rehabilitation. Our braces are custom tailored to your condition by our highly experienced medical experts. Ensuring that you have a proper brace for your shoulder will not only promote a full recovery but will allow your shoulder to relax and heal properly.

Shoulder braces can also be used daily if you experience chronic pain from a previous medical condition. These braces offer relief from discomfort, prevent swelling and provide support.


Our Products

Have you recently experienced a trauma or accidental shoulder injury? With the help of our team we’re able to find you the best brace to support and help immobilize your shoulder after an incident. At Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic our team is highly trained in assessing your condition and providing the best quality product to promote a healthy full-recovery. 

Why Choose Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic For Your Shoulder Braces?

Using a shoulder brace the right way is critical to ensuring that you’re on the right path for recovery. With our team of experts, we ensure that we’re providing you with the right brace according to your condition. Our shoulder braces are made of a unique waterproof nylon with neoprene straps that are specifically fitted to your body. Our mission is to provide you with the necessary tools for optimal support and recovery.

Our shoulder braces are also an effective tool that can be accompanied with the other medical services that we offer at our clinic. 


Common Conditions Treated with Shoulder Braces

Shoulder braces are commonly known and used to add additional support however shoulder braces can effectively treat many of the common conditions, such as:

Conditions listed are most commonly known to be effective while using a supportive shoulder brace. If your condition is not listed please contact our clinic and we would be happy to give additional details.

Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic in Mississauga

At Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic we always put our best foot forward to provide the essential tools to promote a healthy and full recovery. We understand the importance of having sustainable and effective products in order to manage pain and discomfort. If you’re looking for a shoulder brace specifically tailored to your needs, one of our specialists would be happy to help. 

Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists about our Shoulder Braces. 



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