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A little update just for the owner for their kind reply as you can see right underneath my old review:First of all on google no where does it say your clinic is closed on a Wednesday, it says open 10-7 pm. So make sure you know what you’re talking about and fix it before showing attitude to your reviewers. Second, no where did i say it was that of an emergency to call 911. Don’t you think i would’ve been smart enough to call 911 first if it was THAT of an emergency? My intention was to COME QUICK as hospitals have huge lineups and it would be easier to come to a walk in clinic. Third, before you start claiming more false narratives, I did NOT want to come in for an ultrasound but a check up for my mother. Hence, why i sent you my long message EXPLAINING the entire story of what she needs to get done overall to give you a better understanding so when you hear the msg, maybe you can see she needs to get seen quick just bc of how much stuff she needs to get done (checkup, ultrasound, x ray, physiotherapy etc) I don’t think majority of people have the time to go on your website and read terms and conditions, overview, + employers experience before calling in to make sure if your docs have the time to speak with a patient… – esp during this difficult times. If your web showed that you were closed on a Wednesday, i would’ve called another day just for you to tell me i’m not supposed to come in to THIS clinic. I will NOT delete my review in any way and you have no obligation to tell me I have to nor can you threaten me of “contacting google” LOL. Google is the first who accepts reviews otherwise, had i violated the terms, they wouldn’t let me post it 🙂 This is my experience and all i said was you don’t pick up the call. You decided to come blasting with attitude which exactly proves my point. UNPROFESSIONAL. It’s no way “slander” of business if i’m being honest. All i said was you haven’t picked up the phone. Your response is a little dramatic don’t you think? BTW, your clinic doesn’t have a website where i could’ve went underneath “services” to see that you ONLY accept to speak to patients who want physiotherapy. The name of your clinic is clearly “health care clinic” not physiotherapy/chiro clinic. Totally disregarding the point of my frustration. Therefore, this review also stays up. Thanks.
Maira Shai
Maira Shai
19:46 01 May 21
What an amazing services i’ve been getting with this clinic. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of professional and timely approach to whatever needs you have. The only downside that I can mention is that i always come for later appointments, however the building where the clinic is situated closes at 6 pm, and you always need to get someone to come downstairs and let you in.
Darya Muraunik
Darya Muraunik
19:11 12 Nov 20
Wonderful , friendly and very knowledgeable staff. I have been a patient for 2 years now and always leave feeling so much better. Highly recommend this clinic, wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.
Carla Bernardo
Carla Bernardo
02:15 28 Aug 19
My experience with Dun-Dix has been excellent. Everything from scheduling appointments, to insurance matters, to my actual therapy appointments have been great. The front desk staff are always polite and welcoming (especially office Manager), and the office is always clean and comfortable. The physio staff have helped me tremendously with exercises and solutions for my work-related repetitive injuries and recent auto accident rehab. Highly recommend this clinic.
Harpreet Sidhu
Harpreet Sidhu
18:34 18 Sep 18
Awesome services and amazing atmosphere. I’ve recently experienced back pain and made an appointment to see chiropractor in Dun-Dix clinic, he adjusted me and I instantly felt better.After a long weeks of stress the best way of getting all the knots, is a good massage. This clinic has an amazing RMT I swear her hands are magic. She relieved all of my muscle tention and pain. I felt like a brand new woman. So I’ve recommended their services to my family and all my friends. If you’re ever in mississauga give this clinic a try.
Venao Swim
Venao Swim
02:26 28 Aug 19


Why Choose Dun-Dix?

Have you recently experienced an unplanned accident or are you simply looking for help from medically trained experts? At our medical rehabilitation center we offer a variety of services that can greatly benefit your health and recovery. 

Our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Mississauga medical specialists will assess your condition in order to develop an effective and customized treatment plan for your unique goals. We help you get on the right path to a successful recovery.


Our Mission

Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic was established in 2015 and is located right in the heart of the City of Mississauga, Ontario. From the very beginning our clinic has had a focused mission to bring the best of modern medicine to our clients. Our experienced health practitioners work very closely with our clients to develop new and effective healthcare treatment plans through various medical assessments. This allow our experts to specifically target your unique needs in order to promote the healthiest recovery possible. 

At Dun-Dix Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Mississauga Clinic we are proud to offer a variety of medical rehabilitation services. Some of the services that our specialist offer include but are not limited to;


Leading Healthcare Clinic in Mississauga

As the leading Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Mississauga, we ensure that all of our medical specialists are highly trained, educated, certified and experienced in the services that we offer. 

We ensure that our experts are always up-to-date with the latest treatment plans, making Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic the best location to start your road to recovery.

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Experts at Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic

Through the years of experience as the leading Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Mississauga clinic, our medical experts have provided reliable and consistent results to our clients. Our team has a proven track record in successful short-term and long-term recovery rates. Not only do our specialists hold a long running experience in diagnosing and treating common conditions, but we aim to create an effective healthcare plan that will contribute to your overall recovery

Our clinic specializes in Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments. Our treatments utilize a unique approach to correct and improve your structural health. These treatments work effectively towards rehabilitation from existing conditions and accidental incidents.  


Our Clinic

Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic is a leading healthcare services provider located in the Dundas and Dixie area of Mississauga. Our purpose is to help treat and assist our community to achieve optimal health status for our clients. Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic is proud to have experienced health care professionals that specialize in multiple different services. 

We offer reliable rehabilitation services and whether you’re looking for rehabilitation services as a single service or looking for treatment plans, our medical experts are capable of accommodating all of your needs.


Medical Programs

Finding a medical program that suits your healthcare needs can be difficult. This is why we have created our systems with the help of our medical experts, to diagnose your health condition and create a suitable healthcare program that’s customized for your goals. We offer a substantial variety of program options that are beneficial for your short term and long term health. Our programs vary from chronic pain management, psychological treatments, medical assessments and more. 


Ideal Candidates

As a group of medical professionals with an extensive background, our team at Dun-Dix Healthcare Clinic will help to get you on the right path to a successful recovery. 

If you’re looking for a personal healthcare assessment or inquiring about our leading medical programs, our experts are happy to help! The first step to recovery starts by receiving help from professionally trained medical experts. 

Our specialists are ready to get you started on your custom health treatment plan.


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